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Less than Load Shippment Service

Less Than Load (LTL) shipping service is a cost-effective solution for businesses that need to ship smaller loads. LTL carriers transport multiple shipments from different businesses in a single truckload, which can lower costs for everyone involved.

LTL shipping services handle shipments that range in weight from 150 to 15,000 pounds, and are typically moved by truck, but some carriers also offer shipping via air or rail. LTL carriers have regular routes and schedules, making it easier for businesses to plan their shipments and manage their inventory.

One of the advantages of LTL shipping is its flexibility. Businesses can ship smaller loads without having to pay for a full truckload. This is particularly beneficial for smaller businesses that may not have large volumes of shipments. LTL carriers typically offer a range of service levels, including expedited and guaranteed delivery options for an additional cost.

LTL shipping services also offer tracking and visibility tools, which allow businesses to monitor their shipments and communicate with customers about delivery dates and times. This helps businesses to manage their supply chain more efficiently and provide better customer service.

In addition to its cost-effectiveness and flexibility, LTL shipping can also be a more sustainable shipping option. By consolidating multiple shipments into a single truckload, LTL carriers can reduce the number of vehicles on the road, which can lower carbon emissions and reduce traffic congestion.

LTL shipping services are also available via air, which can provide faster shipping times and additional flexibility. Air freight LTL can be particularly useful for businesses that need to ship time-sensitive or perishable items, or for businesses that need to ship to remote or hard-to-reach locations.

Overall, Less Than Load (LTL) shipping service is a reliable, cost-effective, and flexible shipping option that can be moved by truck, shipping, or air. With regular routes, flexible service levels, tracking and visibility tools, and sustainability benefits, LTL shipping can help businesses optimize their supply chain and improve their bottom line.

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